A bigger channel

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

In the following month we are going to enlarge our channel capacity with one of our partners.



Regional development

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

On the Eve of the Christmas holidays all the north regions of the country benefited from a promot...


A new office

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

In October we have opened a new office in the C. Negruzzi 5 avenue.

Now you can find us more easy...

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Normatelcom is the national telecom market quality leader, it adresses exclusevly to corporate clients and delivers data transport services, comunication solutions, internet acess, and soon is to deliver voice and hosting.


Data transport

Normatelecom provides data comunication on leaned and own national and international lines. We propose ourselves to offer our partners the best comunication possibilities between two geographical points, our specialty relies on:

- IP Transport Chișinău - București

- IP Transport Chișinău - Iași

- Transport SDH (nxE1, E2, STM1)


Internet access

Normatelecom internet is the basic service we provide to or partners and we follow three basic principles - connection only by optic fiber, permanent service availability and offering each partner only clean channels.



Our upstream connections are realized in Frankfurt thorugh two of the most important data transport companies from Europe GTS and Euroweb. At the national level we are connected with the biggest internet providers and most developed metropolitan networks, thus assuring the best connections at the highest speeds.

We are permanently engaged in negotiations with our European partners regarding internet-exchange following the objective to organize a viable network for all our partners. For all provided services Normatelecom contractual guaratees SLA and reports the values monthly.

Normatelecom is the supplier of MPLS-IPVPN solutions at the regional level, through which assures connection in one dedicated network, virtual belonging to the client, of the offices on teh national and/or international level.